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Fleet, this is Galactica

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*this community is under conststruction*

bsg_north is a place for Canadian fans of Battlestar Galactica to discuss the show, its characters and its actors without fear of spoilers from those who are a half season ahead of us (thanks soooo much, SPACE).

We welcome those who watch it on other networks as well, but please stick to the rule that we do not discuss further than the episodes run by SPACE in Canada.

Until further notice, this site is open to discussions, fics (please provide ratings), graphics and pics.

RULES (yes, there are a few)

1. Please do not discuss newer episodes than what SPACE has shown. You are free to speculate on what you think may happen, but if you already know, keep it to yourself.

2. Lively discussions are fun, but please keep them respectful. Flaming of any sort will not be tolerated. If you are having problems with another member, please take it up with me by emailing me at kira_may@livejournal.com. Do not turn it into a big fight, or you will both be banned.

3. Please be considerate and put large posts behind a cut. This includes graphics and text posts.

4. Please keep your posts BSG related. If you want to pimp a comm, please make sure it is also about BSG.